Photo Memories

The Past
2010 Great Lakes Lore Museun Inductees Captian Horner
Tom O'Neal 1st Mate to Captain
Memories of A Disc Jockey Fun on the boat
Memories of A Disk Jockey Fun On The Boat
Wheelsman 1950 George Stec and Friends
George Allarie - Wheelsman - 1950's George Stec and Friends
Security Crew Historic Beauty
The Security Crew Historic Beauty
Remember When Thumbs Up
Remember When Don Reid

Crewmember Gatherings

2010 Great Lakes Lore Museun Inductees Capt Horner and Capt Art

Great Lakes Lore Museum 2010 Inductees

Great Lakes Lore Museum 2010 Induction
Browning Family Columbia Rebirth Celebration
Browning Family Visit Columbia Rebirth 2009 Celebration
Capt Art and Security Team
Captain Art and Security Team
Island Visit May 2009 Becca
Island Visit May 2009 Ste. Claire Returns Home
Towed Home Crewmembers gather at Spree Festival

Ste. Claire Towed Home

Crewmembers Gather
at Spree Festival
Heading South
Heading South
to Nicholson Ship Yard