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August 12, 2011

Hello again everyone!

Unfortunately this time, it is with sad news. Kenny Horner phoned me this morning, & shared the news, that Mark Emery just passed away:(. I don't have the yrs. Mark worked @ Bob-Lo, but he did several jobs/years. @ the Detroit dock, before transferring to the Gibraltar dock as a captain for Bob-Lo's final yrs.

Kenny said that Judy & the kids are overwhelmed & heartbroken. At this time, Judy has not decided to do a funeral, but is considering a memorial service in the future. So, once that is decided, we will share the info. w/all of you! Mark's sister is currently in Europe, & has not been told. So, if any of you have contact w/her, please don't contact her about Mark @ this time! It sounded like Judy, didn't want to tell her until she returned in a few wks.?




Me again......Guess I should have read my e-mails, before sending one:). Here is the e-mail I received from Janice Smerigan, regarding Mark, prior to Kenny's phone call.

Hey Karen,

I have some sad news to pass on to the Bob-Lo Family and wondered if you could help me out. Mark Emery passed away Wednesday, August 10, 2011. He died at home with his wife Judy and children with him. There are no services planned at this time but his obituary will be posted later today on the Capaul Funeral Home's website. Condolences can be sent to the family through them at If you could get the word out to the Bob-Lo family for us we would appreciate it.

Thank You,
Janice Smerigan
(Sister-In-Law of Mark)


Bob-Lo Summer News

July 23, 2011

Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone, on a few details that have been going on this summer.....

Last weekend, Capt. Art & Woodie invited several former Bob-Lo security alumni, over to their home.  It was a wonderful afternoon, & a great opportunity for many of them to view Capt. Art's Bob-Lo museum for the first time, enjoy some great hospitality/food & to see Royce Carney for the 1st time in 20 yrs.!   Although, he had to handle a few basement steps, Anderson Tillman was extremely thankful, to not be on a moving boat, & to share all his old Bob-Lo stories & memories!  Although, when looking through most of the photo albums, his common response to "who is that," was to say, "that was before my time:)"    So, please take a look at to take a look at the pictures Howard posted on our site this week.  Those that attended; Anderson Tillman, Royce "Da Bug" Carney, John Carney, Lloyd Williams, Joe Banks & Keith/Karen McCord.

Also, just a reminder, that if you still want to visit Bob-Lo Island, in a couple of wks. (August 6th), there will not be an "official" reunion being held, but it is still "Nostalgia weekend."  You can still spend a beautiful day on the island, recapturing some memories & enjoying food @ the island restaurant.  For more details, visit, or contact the restaurant directly at 519-730-1967.

Richard Anderson & Lori Feret are still working out details for another S.S. Columbia fundraiser.  The Friendship & Captain, Sam Buchanan @ Portofino's in Wyandotte, has had a busy season.  Therefore, they are still checking into a Saturday in latter Sept., but they are also considering several Sundays in Sept. as well.  Once they have a confirmed date & details, we will let you know.

Finally, due to a little Bob-Lo motivation last weekend, & having to hibernate @ home most of this wk., due to the heat wave, we finally got our e-mail listing & Bob-Lo crew listing updated.  So welcome, to all our new crewmembers!!

I wanted to give a shout-out to Capt. Art, who will be celebrating his 82nd birthday this week!  I also apologize, for not getting to it sooner, but Jim Kusinski informed me after my last update, that Bill Browning celebrated his 91st b-day on June 1st!!  And....Happy Birthday this year, to the other 303 crewmembers, we have too:)!! 

Looking forward to 70 degree weather & a cool river breeze/cruise in Sept



BOB-LO 2011
June 2, 2011

Hi Everyone!

It was a long & cold winter/spring here in Michigan!! My intention was to begin planning our biggest & best Bob-Lo reunion at the first of the year. However, several obstacles all happened right @ the starting gate, that prevented that from happening:(I was unable to get a confirmation on our date of Aug.6th, when I tried to get that done in late Dec./early Jan. Then, I was hit @ the same time w/my first major MS attack since I was diagnosed 6 1/2 yrs. ago, which is either still lingering, or has caused some perm. damage. I also had the unexpected & quick illness & death of my dear grandma. So, here we are @ June 2nd, & only 2 months. away from the date. Although our 1st reunion got planned & executed fairly quickly, I really want our 5th one, to be done big & right, & considering I have 3 kids home from school next week, & stirring up the schedule, I know I can't put things together in the manner it should for this year. So.............

It does appear now, that the Bob-Lo Island website is listing Aug. 6th as Bob-Lo Nostalgia day. So, I would encourage those that would like to go over to see the island to do so. However, there will be nothing formally setup or done w/our group. but the Island restaurant will be open & I saw on FB, that some local unique goods are being sold over there this summer. They are also open all summer & into the fall as well, if you can't make the weekend in August. You can get more info. by going to

Lori Feret did contact me a couple of months. ago, & it does appear that Richard Anderson would like to do another SS Columbia event on the Friendship @ Portofino's. We will forward that info. when it becomes available, but he isn't looking at doing something until Sept. after Labor Day.

We were recently contacted by Patrice Lehman who has a website of pictures for sale that were taken on the island & boats from 1959-1974, so if you'd like to take a look, you can go to Joe Stevens Photography

Also, if you are looking for some summer fun/music, check out Steve King's website for where he & the Dittlies will be hanging out, over the next few months @

As more news or plans become available, I will be in touch.

Have a great summer!!



Nightmare Commercial & Other Brief Bob-Lo News
December 10, 2010

The short & sweet Nightmare rollercoaster is up and running on site. So, don't blink & enjoy!! It will also be up on the and sites!

Also, Jim Kasuba had the honor of touring the SS Columbia recently with Richard Anderson. He has written an article about the Columbia Foundation's stabilization work on the Columbia for the Downriver News Herald, which will appear on the front page of the paper this Sunday 12/12! The article will be available on-line sometime tomorrow, and you can also view a video of the ship tour Jim took, by logging onto The News Herald.

Finally, not only did Royce "Bug" Carney surface last week, but he also brought his nephew, former DJ Security Sgt. Tony Cornelius to us too!!

Have a great weekend and holiday everyone, and we'll be in touch next year!!



Bug Update and Nightmare Video
December 1, 2010

Good evening everyone!!
We had (2) big Bob-Lo events happen today. First, Royce "The Bug" Carney, Boat Security in the 1980's, surfaced today on our website!! Royce has been one alumni that I personally have tried to track down since we began our reunions in 2006, with no success. However, in typical "Bug" fashion, he finally showed up on his own terms:)! I haven't heard back from him yet, but I know a lot of other alumni are anxious to find out what he has been up to the past 20 years, and which # wife he is on:)?! Also, I learned that our Bob-Lo Nightmare Commercial has been converted to DVD, and has been shipped back from Indiana. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow, but unfortunately Chuck is in Spain, and between his jet lag and a very busy weekend ahead, he probably won't get it up for us until next week!
So, I don't have to send another e-mail next week, I'd like to explain a little more about the commercial before we post it...... It will be very short & sweet, as this version is only the 10-second commercial. Also, we have been advised by several parties; the film storage facility, the film conversion company and (2) copyright attorneys w/a good friend's law firm, that b/c this film has not been made public since it was aired in 1988, that we need to keep it exclusive & protected in order to keep it's historical value, as well as our $8/second investment:) Therefore, we are only making (1) copy, which will be given to Capt. Art later this month, so that it can be added to his extensive Bob-Lo collection, w/strict instructions that it not be copied further:)! We will post it on our Bob-Lo Reunion website, and we will also forward it and approve to have it added and shown on both the Bob-Lo Island and Boblosteamer websites. These are the only (3) websites that anyone will be able to access the commercial, and we do not want it copied & used for mass production, personal use and/or YouTube access. Chuck will be adding a copyright protection notice along the bottom of the commercial, and if it does get copied and used outside of these 3 websites, we have (2) attorneys and Capt. Art on standby:).

Hope everyone in MI, Canada and the northern part of the country is staying warm, and enjoying the first snowflakes that surfaced here in the Detroit area today?! Have a wonderful holiday season, and looking forward to seeing everyone in 2011!!


November 12, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I have to apologize, as I lost a friend/neighbor a couple of weeks ago, that kind of put my schedule/life in a little tailspin. Our Mr., Mom of the neighborhood, 46 yrs. old, w/3 boys under the age of 9:(!! So, the Nightmare commercial, I received on the same day as he passed, has been sitting here on my counter patiently waiting:)

Anyway, I just got around to finally getting the commercial taken to someone today, to have it converted to a DVD. However, I realized that it wasn't going to be as easy and quick as I thought:(.......Since it is a commercial and not a family personal film, it has to be sent out for a couple of reasons, one that it is a professional film and two, that copyright issues have to verified as non-existent, before copying/converting it. Therefore, it may be up to 4 weeks., before we get it back. So, I hoping that we have it back by mid-December, it is posted to the Reunion site

Also, I have some info. and pictures passed along to me by Tom O'Neal.....

My name is Tom O’Neal and we have visited before by way of email but to refresh your memory, I worked at: (Bob-Lo 1961 & 1962 – Deckhand - Ste. Claire). Since 1963, the attached pictures have been hanging on my wall.

I would like to request a favor; the next time you send something out to the “Bob-Lo Community,” please put these pictures in the email and tell everyone that I’m looking for anyone who worked on the Ste. Claire during the summers of 1961 and 1962. They can contact me at: or 731-610-6681 (Cell )   
Tom ONeal



Hope every has a wonderful Thanksgiving on the US side, and hope all of our Canadians had a great one last month:)!!


Bob-Lo Nightmare Commercial
October 26, 2010

Question: Does anyone remember seeing a commercial back in 1988 for Bob-Lo featuring the then, new Nightmare rollercoaster?! We know one was filmed, but are trying to determine if it was ever aired?!

Hi Everyone,

Dan Aylward former General Manager of Bob-Lo, solved our commercial mystery!! Apparently (2) commercials were filmed, (1) 10-second one and (1) 30-second one. Both were played on the air during the 1988 season promoting the new Nightmare rollercoaster!!

We were contacted yesterday, by a film storage facility in California that had the 10-second master edited commercial copy. They were getting ready to dispose of their 20+ yrs. films, so we were able to pay shipping costs to get the commercial before it was destroyed :) !! We have contacted them again, now knowing of the 2nd commercial, and asked that they contact us, if the longer commercial is located also. The commercial is on 1-inch tape, so our hope is to have it converted to a DVD. Then, it can be officially added to Capt. Art's extensive Bob-Lo collection, as well as be put on the website, so that all of us can view it in the near future!!

Thanks Dan for your great memory and detail!!



2010 Maritime Museum Inductees / Bob-Lo Steamer Presentation
September 7, 2010

Good Morning Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the pictures from the 2010 Maritime Museum induction ceremony can be seen on the home page of our website. Capt. Beattie, Ralph Browning & Paul Leveck's uncle were our recent inductees.

Also, a reminder that Lori Feret will be presenting her slideshow of the Bob-Lo Boats this Thursday, Sept. 10th at 7:30 at the Plymouth Historical Museum. Details are listed below;

"The Bob-Lo Steamers: Matriarchs of the Detroit River"
Bob-Lo Island Amusement Park was a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Come listen to Lori Feret present a talk on "The Bob-Lo Steamers: Matriarchs of the Detroit River" on Thursday, September 9 at 7:30 p.m. at the Plymouth Historical Museum. Feret has been working on a restoration project for the Columbia, one of the Bob-Lo boats. The talk will be held during the Plymouth Historical Society's monthly meeting. Admission is free to the meeting and lecture; donations are appreciated. Refreshments are served following the meeting. The Plymouth Historical Museum is located at 155 S. Main Street, Plymouth, one block north of downtown. For more information, call 734-455-8940.
Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable fall!!


More Bob-Lo Activity
August 19, 2010

Sorry to bother everyone again, but you'd think Bob-Lo was still up & running for the summer, as we have another article to share with everyone!

Kelli Jurich just sent a link for the summer 2010 Wayne State Magazine. Ron Kattoo is featured in the magazine discussing the restoration of the SS Ste. Claire. Click on this link, to find the article on pages 26-28.

Also, I forgot to mention it again in the past few e-mails, but Ralph Browning & Capt. Beattie will be inducted this Saturday, August 21st into the Great Lakes Maritime Museum in Rogers City, MI!! Thank you Paul!!

Finally, Lori Feret will be doing a Bob-Lo Steamers: Matriarchs of the Detroit River slideshow presentation on Thursday, Sept. 9. 2011 at the Plymouth Historical Museum. The museum is located at 155 Main. St., Plymouth, MI and will begin at 7:30 pm.

Thought things would calm down a bit, but Ted & I are already working on some big plans for next year!! Once we have some of those things confirmed and get our e-mail contact list updated, we will be in touch w/a sneak peak and date for next year:)!!

To doenload the entire publication click here


Amherstburg Echo
August 18, 2010

Good evening everyone,
Just wanted to give you this link for an article written in the Amherstburg Echo.
Also, Howard posted all the images we have gotten of the 2010 Reunion



August 14, 2010

Good evening everyone,

Here is a link to Jim Kasuba's article that will appear in the Downriver News Herald tomorrow! This article is a follow-up to the Columbia Foundation cruise fundraiser held on July 17th. It gives a great explanation of what the Columbia Foundation is doing to help save the SS Columbia, and the on-line article also has a short video that gives you some highlights of the cruise for those that attended and/or didn't attend!

Click Here To View The Article and Video By Jim Kasuba



August 7th Bob-lo Island
August 8, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Could it have been a more perfect summer day to spend Saturday on Bob-Lo Island?! We have truly had a guardian angel on our shoulders the past 4 years in regards to our reunion weather, and we were blessed once again on Saturday!!

It was a little different this year having everyone arrive more sporadic then last year with the bus, but it was great seeing all of you, and we were glad to have had all the former attendees with us, but were also glad to see all the new crewmembers!! I hope everyone got a chance to meet our (2) Virginia's. Virginia Bondy worked in the Dance Hall in the 1940's & Virginia Barkley worked in the Roller Rink in the 1930's! They were adorable and we were so happy that they could join us and were able to see and enjoy the island once again!! Wish we had had more of our US crew over this year, but we were glad some of you were able to join us for the cruise on July 17th, and we hope you'll have less passport and vacation/family plans next year!! Thanks to Mike & Lucy Cosgove and daughter Erin, Lori Feret & Jim Kasuba who made both events this year!! It was nice however, getting to know more of the Canadian crew, and this year I was able to spend a lot of time talking w/the Amlin & Simone families, and went exploring the island with the Scobie family! I believe Becca is ready to adopt Sarah as her new little sister, Lisa:)!

We would like to apologize for the nostalgia treat mix-up!! The new company that came in to run the island restaurant this summer, had a big menu of summertime treats planned, but they left last month, and apparently they and the island management forgot to let the new company know about the Nostalgia weekend/treats:( We will be sure to have that either worked out at the restaurant in the future, or bring other snack/treats from our end, as we did last year. Hopefully everyone was able to stay hydrated through Scott and you were able to get an afternoon ice cream once you went back to Amherstburg. I did notice that they did have ice cream on the menu, as we stayed after for dinner w/Capt. Art & Woodie, so I guess we all could have gone over to the restaurant as a group and sat down and gotten our sugar fix?!:)

Thank you to Ted & his crew for all their help prior to the reunion & yesterday!! Thank you also to Scott Shuttleworth & his brother Doug for all the great food yesterday and help w/ticket sales!!

We did get quite a few new e-mail addresses yesterday, but I know we are still missing some, so if you know of anyone that attended or would like to attend in the future, that isn't currently on our listing, please have them contact us! FYI, Jim Amlin, I forgot to mention to Larry yesterday he needs to either send me his new e-mail, or I have to finally remember to go onto FB, and get it off there, as he keeps bouncing back to me.

Finally, if anyone took pictures yesterday, please forward them to us and we will get them on the website. By the way, this is finally where my duties get a little easier, but my husband has to make updates to the website crew list, and Howard has to organize pictures and get them posted. So thank you Chuck & Howard!! We missed you yesterday Howard, but I know you were with us in spirit and thinking of us all day in your "Bob-Lo Reunion" t-shirt in that miserable Florida heat:)! Also, I forgot to mention since so many of the crew are moving to FL, Howard is now in charge of the Winter Bob-Lo Reunion:)!!

Have a great rest of the summer everyone, and thank you for making yesterday great!!



Reunion 2010 - USA
July 18, 2010

Good morning everyone!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the Detroit river!! A full boat, sun, lots of wind to make the 90 degree weather seem far cooler, pizza delivered by the Wescott mail boat and of course stories, laughs & hugs shared with Bob-Lo friends, which included several new alumni this year!! Joe Walker and his wife who worked in 1949, Colleen & Liz Tighe from our 70's crew as well as John Stafford. Then a couple from our 80's crew, Beth Bovitz-Lyke & Jill Lezotte!! As always the day went by so quickly, but a great time was had by all of us!

A huge thank you to thank-you to the following people that made yesterday such a success!!

The Columbia Project and especially president, Richard Anderson who made yesterday's event possible!! Be sure to periodically check their site for updates on the progress of the Columbia!!

Capt. Sam Buchanan & his Friendship crew for a wonderful, safe & memorable Bob-Lo cruise!!

Anderson Tillman who had a stroke a few years ago, but was such a trooper climbing that staircase to sit on the top deck w/all of us, and going w/o liquids for 3 hrs. to avoid a bathroom trip downstairs;) So glad we were able to enjoy your smile and "ho-ho" laugh again yesterday!!

Joe Banks for dragging Tillman out of his apartment yesterday to let him enjoy the day w/us!!

Kenny Horner, who besides just being a great guy & genuine friend for helping us to locate so many of our alumni & especially for convincing the majority of our newbie's yesterday to join us!!

Keith & Karen McCord for bringing their granddaughter and allowing my little one to be entertained the entire cruise:)!!

To all our Bob-Lo crew for joining us for a beautiful day on the river!!

Last but not least, Lori Feret, our unbelievable organizer & planner yesterday!! I know what a difficult yet rewarding job that can be, handling all the details, getting everything to the boat and worrying that last couple of weeks on whether costs will be met and if everything will be a success!! It was a success Lori, and we thank you w/full Bob-Lo hearts!!

For anyone that took pictures yesterday, please forward them onto us, and we will get them posted on our website shortly. Although most of my usual duties were not necessary for this reunion, I was supposed to temporarily adopt the duty of "photographer" yesterday. Howard moved to Florida last month, and was not able to come this year due to just getting settled down there,. However, I realized shortly into the cruise how difficult this responsibility can be, especially when I made sure the camera was in the bag w/it's battery charged, but omitted the camera's memory card on the list, that was still in my computer from downloading images last week! FYI, internal camera memory only holds "25" pictures :( So I'll have an additional item on my list for the island reunion, and look forward to Howard returning next year!! :)

Finally, Just a reminder that tickets for the reunion on Bob-Lo Island on August 7th, should be purchased over the next (2) weeks!! Forms/instructions can be downloaded off the site. I sold several yesterday, and Ted/Scott said sales are going well on that side, and they are coming in as far as Quebec!!

Have a great week everyone!!



Royal Oak Boat Article
July 12, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Take a look at this Royal Oak Daily Tribune article printed yesterday!! Great picture of Capt. Art & Woodie w/memories shared by them, Paul LeVeck & Cindy Sine-Polisena!! Make sure you read it entirely Steve King, as Cindy plugged you good!!:)



Time Magazine
July 9, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Here is the Time Magazine Bob-Lo Blog link once again. The purpose of the blog is to share your Bob-Lo memories, so please sign-in and share your own personal memories of either working at Bob-Lo or your trips to Bob-Lo!!




Great Lakes Maritime Museum
June 9, 2010

Good evening everyone,

Paul LeVeck has been busy once again nominating and providing bios and other information for more great Bob-Lo personnel to be inducted into the Great Lakes Maritime Museum in Rogers City, MI!!

This year's Bob-Lo inductees will be Ralph Browning and Capt. Beattie, as well as Paul's uncle, John LeVeck! The induction will be held this year on Saturday, August 21st. If you would like more information and/or would like to attend, please contact Paul @ It is a great event and a wonderful museum if you haven't been there before!

Also, Paul provided me with the e-mail below that includes membership rates to help keep this great museum going to not only honor our Bob-Lo crew, but all the great & brave sailors of the Great Lakes! Again, if you are interested contact Paul! I can attest that Kathy's strawberry jam bonus is well worth it!!


Once again Bob Lo is well represented in Rogers City. However no one except my family has joined. We now have all the Browning's, many LeVeck's as well as Capt's Saharasky, Herrala, Beattie and Horner on the ''Wall of Honor".

The purpose of me underwriting the costs of the wall of honor was to stimulate memberships. I sincerely hope others will consider joining this extremely worthy endeavor. It's probably my fault for not emphasizing regular membership. If you are on the Wall of Honor you are a permanent member.

Membership confirmation will include a wonderful jar of Strawberry Jam.

Membership Rate Info:

Wall of Honor - $70 - Must meet requirements.
One person or family - $30
Student - $5
Sustaining - $50-99
Contribution - $100-199
Benefactor - $200-499
Patron - $500-999
Life - $1000 or more
Special - Any



Bob-Lo Office Staff - Where Are You?
May 22, 2010

We are still working on locating some office staff from when Bob-Lo was owned by AAA. Does anyone have any information on where Dave Brown is today? Also, looking for Debbie Harriman. We believe she married after Bob-Lo's closure, but no one seems to remember that name, and I have extensively searched for her under "Harriman," with no success. We believe that may have not been her maiden name, but her !married name, which once she re-married she would not have gone back to. Anyone remember her young son's name? We are thinking he'd now be in his 30's and we could maybe locate her through him on Facebook? Also, does anyone remember her assistant's name who would hand out paychecks in the office? I think her first name was Pam, but I'm not positive, and I can't recall a last name.

If anyone has any other names w/as much info. you can give me, I'd be glad to try and locate others before the reunions this summer!

Still waiting to schedule a date for the US reunion incorporating the Columbia and Friendship cruise from Portofino's. Hoping to work that for mid-late July or later in August so as not to be in conflict w/the island get together on August 7th. Will try to get everyone updated soon, once I get date confirmation from the Columbia's owner and Portofino's.




September 21, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Howard's pictures of the Columbia fundraiser cruise are posted on the site.

It was a beautiful day on the river, and besides Brian Pattison, Lloyd Williams, Joe Banks, Mike Mouradian, Capt. Art and Woodie, who we knew were going to be there, we were also surprised to meet, Paul LeVeck, Mark Connelly, Jim Kasuba, Karen Byrd-McCord and Keith McCord at the dock as well!

We got to see the Ste. Claire and Columbia up close from the water again and than headed up the river to the Ambassador Bridge and back to Wyandotte. The day was relaxing and very enjoyable! I learned a couple of things on Saturday... One being, that I don't know how today's kids would handle an all day boat shift on the river-lol I took my 2 daughters, and besides being wigged out at the bees checking out their soft drinks, they were initially tortured by the thought that they would have to remain on a boat for 3 hours. However, once the wind was whipping through their hair, and later when the Wescott delivered pizza to the boat, things got more fun for them, and for me! Secondly, I'm not sure what was more of a deja vu moment, having Brian Pattison sit next to me during the cruise, not looking a day older than he did in 1989 or coming up to the Clark Street-Bob-Lo Island dock area and feeling like it was only yesterday that I last had made that trip instead of 20 years ago?! If Brian hadn't been sitting next to me, I would have expected to see him standing at the dock with his dock crew waiting to tie up the boat and bring on more concessions! What a wonderful and missed memory!! Although I'm also thinking that after seeing Howard's pictures, that the memory of the 80's aqua net plastered non-moveable hair was not a bad thing or memory either:)

Thanks to Richard Anderson, Lori Feret and Sam Buchanan for a great day and opportunity!

FYI, Mr. Lee who operates the boblosteamers and bobloboat sites, is looking for anyone that may have pictures of the LR Beattie when she sailed from Gibraltar. If anyone has some former pictures of the boat, I'd appreciate it, if you could scan them and send them to Lee at


Click here to view SS Columbia Project web site


September 6, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Here is an article written about the Columbia yesterday by Jim Kasuba at the News Herald.
Click here to read.

If anyone is interested in attending the Columbia fundraiser I mentioned last week (details are also given in the newspaper article), please purchase tickets ASAP! Ticket sales had been slow prior to the weekend, but will probably pick up now with the public awareness from the article and only being 2 weeks away! Brian Pattison, Howard Wright and myself have already purchased 3 of the tickets. I also spoke with Joe Banks and he and Lloyd Williams were planning on attending as well, but they were trying to reach Tillman, Ted and Bernadine before purchasing tickets. So, for all you alumni and current crew that couldn't make the reunion this year due to schedule conflicts and/or passport issues, here is a 2nd chance to have some fun, enjoy a boat ride on the river, meet up with some friends and see the Ste. Claire, Columbia and Friendship!!


Click here to view SS Columbia Project web site

August 18, 2009

Hi Everyone,

It was a long and hot weekend up north, but we left with great memories and exhausted, so the Bob-Lo Crew can say we had another successful and entertaining gathering, and here is a glimpse for those that were not able to join us....

Our "adventure" started Fri. afternoon, as we headed up to Rogers City. Chuck and I insured Kenny's attendance by driving him up with us, and although we had him safely seat-belted in, we didn't have to tie him down, or stop him from getting on a plane to Florida. Taking a road trip for the first time in many years without 3 children, had me thinking it was going to be one of the quietest, easiest and fastest trips we ever took? However, I learned we still took as many potty breaks as a 7-yr-old does, and even though I didn't have to listen to the movie Cars or Pirates of The Caribbean for the 100th time, I instead got to listen to Chuck and Kenny watching and analyzing Slumdog Millionaire for 2 hours in the backseat, and of course heard lots of hysterical Horner stories!

We finally arrived about 5pm, and met up with Capt. Art and Woodie, who beat us by 3hrs, checked in, than checked out our accommodations for the next 2 days. The motel was very clean and the owner was very nice, but none of us had stayed in a roadside motel for many years if at all-lol. Had we had our original early week forecast of mid 70's and not the 88 degrees and humidity that followed us up that day, we may not have laughed as much as we did, when we learned that older motels, especially in northern Michigan, often don't have air conditioning. However our laughter turned into humble smiles, when we saw our thoughtful "welcome" baskets, dropped off by Paul LeVeck! We than headed downtown, got a glimpse of the Maritime Museum, than had a nice dinner, compliments of Kenny, down the street. We were than off to see Lake Huron, and back to the motel to await Cindy and Dawn Sine's arrival. The pool located right in the front of the motel was a perfect spot to sit and wait for their car to pull in, but we all gave up after the mosquitoes came out, and realized the pool was supposed to be closed and were in bed before they arrived at 11pm. Very early the next morning we were awakened by one of the largest rainfalls Rogers City had ever seen, and thank God our windows pushed out at an angle and didn't have to be closed! We learned that "Thelma and Louise" aka Cindy and Dawn had arrived safely, than got ready for the big day. We were all excited to see Paul LeVeck when he arrived to escort us to the KofC Hall for the induction ceremony. We were also excited to escape the heat and humidity that kicked up a notch after the storm ended, especially Art and Kenny who were wearing long sleeves and suit jackets, as we thought we were off to a nice cool, a/c afternoon. However, not all halls in northern Michigan have a/c either.

At the hall we were surprised by Capt. Mike Surgalski, his wife Mary and their youngest son, who drove over from Traverse City to see his fellow captains! Art and Kenny were so glad to see him after all these years and spent time catching up and posing for all of our cameras. Art and Kenny were inducted with about 26 other men that sailed the Great Lakes, and they were without a doubt, the best dressed, and distinguished sailors in the room!! We were all so proud of them without even adding in the fact that they sat there for almost 3 hours in their formal dress wear in a hot room full of 200 guests!

After the ceremony and luncheon we headed over to the Maritime Museum, where we got to enjoy a building with a/c and most importantly got to see Art and Kenny's newly hung honorary frames! We also learned, that they were not the only Bob-Lo alumni honored on it's walls...Bill Browning, Capt. John Sahorski, Capt. Rod Graham and Bob Engelman were also past inductees! If you ever get a chance to visit the museum, please do!! Like all Maritime Museums in the country they display artifacts and share the history of the ships that have sailed our waters, but it is the only one that honors and shows the men and women that served on those ships, including six of our own!!

Once we left the museum, we all headed back to the motel, to change out of our dripping clothes and pick up some cool refreshments. Than we were off to Paul's cottage where he, his wife Kathy, son Nick and several kind and entertaining neighbors had a wonderful evening of visiting and one very big and delicious backyard barbecue! We left very full, stopped at a Lake Huron marina, than finished the day/party/talking back at the motel pool, until we were sent to bed at 11pm after having our pool curfew extended 1 hour.

Big hugs and thank you's go out to the Maritime Museum and Paul LeVeck family, for giving us a great weekend and induction ceremony for Art and Kenny!! Paul is looking at nominating Capt. Beattie, Capt. Mike and Tim Traynor and possibly others next year, so we may be going back up, and hope you might consider joining us for a lot of fun and laughing until your belly hurts! We had a great "adventure" (Cindy, Dawn and I's term we adopted while laughing and making the most of our humidity hair and sweat dripping bodies and warm rooms) at the Huron Shores Motel, but we might look into seeing if any motels have installed air conditioners, just in case Rogers City has it's hottest day of the year again next August!

Check on the website to get a view of our very handsome inductees, as well as Capt. Mike and Dawn who have been MIA the past 3 summers.

Congratulations Captain Art and Captain Kenny!!

August 2, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Only 2 thoughts come to mind as we look back at yesterday, and try to process the day.... WOW and THANK YOU!!

It could not have been a more perfect day, between the # of attendees (including 2 US attendees, one with no passport and one with no birth certificate, who did arrive back without too much hassle:)), the weather and the location with it's beautiful grounds and pavilion!

We hit a minor glitch early on, when our fun, very friendly & brave bus driver, Bob got to Amherstburg and realized he had to take his Greyhound bus over on the ferry.  He initially was adamant that he was not putting the bus on the ferry as he had no doubt he and his bus were going to end up in the river! After several phone calls with my husband and ferry personnel on the dock to Karyn Anderson and I on the island, the captain of the ferry was able to convince Bob that he had handled bigger and heavier loads before:)  As we learned at the end of the day, Bob did not know how to swim, so we really appreciate Bob facing such a personal fear yesterday in order to get everyone over to the island and back:)  Thank you to Mr. Lee again for securing us the bus and our great driver Bob!!

It was so nice seeing so many of the faces from the past 2 years, as well as so many new ones!!  Having Capt. Rod Graham and his daughter Lori join us, after driving across the state of Michigan yesterday morning, was such a treat, and it was nice having our last captain of the S.S. Ste. Claire and Capt. Art Herrala the last captain of the S.S. Columbia with us!  We also had a last minute addition with Dave Anderson, the Bob-Lo Island Groundskeeper from 1959 to it's closure in1993!  I could go on and on, but it was special having everyone there, whether in the past, you served food, operated a ride, worked in an office, ran a game, wore a Bob-Lo Bear costume, secured the island or boats, operated a boat, or are currently restoring a boat!!  You are all a part of Bob-Lo's past, present and future!

We were able to wish Capt. Art a Happy 80th b-day, and he was able to inspire all of us to look and feel that "80" can be pretty darn good!  Thank you to all who sang Happy Birthday, shared in his cake and signed his picture mat!

We had lots of Bob-Lo explorers!  From those that visited the Dance hall and area around the pavilion, to others that embarked to other areas such as the space needle, old dock and the old putt-putt area.  Some were even braver, renting bikes to explore the island, and "three amigos," I hear were in areas with weeds up to their faces, maybe feeling like the early settlers seeing Bob-Lo Island for the first time:)?!

Our own Scott Shuttleworth grilled some great burgers, brats and hot dogs and The General Store offered some extra treats and many enjoyed ice cream, snow cones and cotton candy back near the marina which really brought back the smells and enjoyment of the old amusement park!

Ron Kattoo and Saqib Nakadar spoke about the progress of the Ste. Claire and hope for the 2010 season, and Ron even got a chance to be reunited with a couple of childhood schoolmates who were residents on the island and visiting the pool nearby when Howard announced his name:)  Ron and Saqib mentioned that they will be getting wood in the next few weeks to begin re-building her decks, but what they didn't stress, is if anyone has some time, motivation and especially some carpentry skills, they could really use your help over the next few months to get her ready to be pulled out next season for her 100th b-day!!  Sign-up for the volunteer list on Bob-Lo Boat site, and you'll be notified of volunteer days and times.

Paul LeVeck spoke about Capt. Art Herrala and Capt. Ken Horner's induction into the Maritime Museum  in Roger City, MI on August 15th, and discussed how others could be considered and selected for future inductions..

In addition to Jim Kasuba, the Downriver News Herald Reporter who is also considered a Bob-Lo Crewmember due to his extensive support and past articles about the Bob-Lo boats, we had a surprise visit from a Windsor Star reporter and photographer, so hopefully with some more media exposure, our Bob-Lo Family will only continue to grow!  I will let you know when the articles will be printed and/or send you the links.   Jim besides reporting on so many pressing issues each day, is looking to incorporate the island, Ste. Claire and Columbia info. and progress in one article, and the Columbia's contribution won't be obtained until an event tentatively scheduled for next month.  So thank you to Jim, and also thank you to Karyn Anderson at Bob-lo who apparently tipped off the Windsor Star:)!

We introduced our own Karen McCord, who is running for Detroit City Council, so if you are able to vote in Detroit's primary on Tuesday, be sure to add in her vote, as besides being a great gal, she's a Bob-Lo supporter, and could possibly pull some strings for Ron and Saqib in the future!!

Finally, we were able to get a full group picture at the end of the day, minus a few that had to leave early, and that along with the other photos that Howard took throughout the day should be posted on in the next couple of days.  If anyone would like their photos to be submitted on the website, please send an e-mail to Karen Winkler

Dates for next year will be forthcoming.  Looks like we may be doing (2) next year.  One on the island, as it's a perfect site for a reunion and our Canadian alumni increased drastically over the past couple of months, and one on the US side hopefully incorporating the Ste. Claire and honoring her 100th b-day (attendance will be open to all for either reunion)!!  After next year, we'll determine if we will continue with (2) reunions or alternate sides each year?!

THANK YOU AGAIN for those that made yesterday possible, and for those that were not able to attend, we hope you'll re-join us or come for the first time next year!

Karen, Howard, Ted, Scott Shuttleworth & Lori Voutt-Morin
 (as you can see, we recruited a couple more greatly needed and greatly qualified planners yesterday !!!


February 28, 2009

It is with a heavy heart, that I inform our Bob-Lo family, that Don Reid passed away this morning.

For those of you who did not attend the first Bob-Lo reunion, Don was an oiler on the S.S. Ste Claire from 1942-1944, and flew from the state of Washington just to be able the see the Ste. Claire again. This was not an easy task for him, due to some medical difficulties that required him to use a scooter. However, he made it to Detroit, and several of us, will forever remember the emotion and tears in his eyes, when he first saw the Ste. Claire from the deck of the Detroit Princess and again when he went down to the engine room on the Ste. Claire and took a moment to touch the levers and remember the engine and his 2 summers on her!

For those of us on his e-mail list, we received lots of e-mails about his activities out west, his beloved dog Sammi, and often he would talk about his desire to come back to Detroit again once the Ste. Claire was running again on the river. I'm sad that he won't be here to share that day with us, as I don't think anyone would have been more ecstatic about her being on the river again, even including Ron.

Per his daughter Cheryl, Don was on his motorcycle this morning with his dog Sammi when they were involved in an accident. It was a beautiful sunny day, in AZ (his winter home) and her dad was doing what he loved and was with his best friend. He will be greatly missed!


Don Reid's Bob-Lo Crew Menbers page.


Don ReidI'm sad to report that my father, Don Reid, passed away as the result of a motorcycle accident this morning. His beloved dog, Sammi, joined Dad on their next journey. Dad knew Sammi for19 years and this great little dog was blind, deaf, diabetic and arthritic, but could still wag his tail. My family and I are at Dad's home in Arizona and we are extremely touched by how many people have reached out to us in this sad time. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. One of my Dad's greatest joys was the many friends he shared on-line and we are thankful you have been there for him. My family and I are comforted in the fact that Dad spent his 81 years living life to its fullest, even to his last day. He left us on a sunny day, riding on his bike. It was his request that no services be held, but instead, memorials can be sent to your local Humane Society.

All the best to you and yours,
Cheryl Reid and Family


December 5, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Tyron Hurd sent us some great You Tube Videos of the ships. The sound is a little distorted and old, but it definitely will give you some chills and make me feel like you were standing on the Ste. Claire or Columbia as it sailed down the river, like it was yesterday! So take a trip down memory lane.

May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

Bob-Lo Crew Reunion Committee

Tim Dagg


October 25, 2008
From Brian Pattison
I am saddened to report the passing of Tim Dagg on Monday October 2008. Here is a link to the funeral home.

Brian Pattison

Hi Everyone,

Here is an e-mail we received this week from Brian regarding the unfortunate and saddened passing of our fellow crewmember, Tim Dagg. Tim was the Marketing Director for Bob-Lo Island from 1986-1992 and his wife, Heidi was a ticket seller at the Gibraltar dock in 1987. Tim contacted us in Feb. and was really looking forward to this year's reunion and was a great help in helping us to find some of the crewmembers that were located and/or attended this year!! Unfortunately, I was aware that he was going through chemo, and had to opt out once the reunion got closer, but I had no idea how serious it was and just told him to get healthy and we would see him and Heidi next year.

If anyone would like to acknowledge Tim and his family, there are several options; there is a guestbook on the funeral homes website which is listed in Brian's e-mail below, donation info. for the family is also listed on their website, and if you would like to send a personal card or letter to Heidi and her girls, the address I have for them is; P.O. Box 140243, Toledo, OH 43614-0243.

Also, is was a unusual oversight that I didn't get this info. until after the funeral occurred. If in the future, anyone has info. that needs to be passed along to the crew quickly, still e-mail us, but as a backup, please write my home phone # (248) 620-1445 down and contact me that way as well.


L.R. Beattie
September 11, 2008

Hi Everyone,

In case you are interested, I had been trying to locate the L.R. Beattie to determine where she was. I finally located the owner who purchased her in 1994, and received this response from him today. Anyone up for a Bob-Lo field trip to San Francisco


 RESPONSE: Dear Karen

To fill in some missing pieces of the L.R.Beattie, I will explain.

I bought the Beattie in September of 1994 and moved it to Burlington, Vermont to operate on Lake Champlain and renamed it the Spirit of Ethan Allen 2.

I made it into a 500 passenger dinner boat. In 2002 I moved it to Plattsburgh, NY, renamed it Spirit of Plattsburgh.

I sold it in 2005 and moved it to San Francisco where it now takes people to Alcatraz. it is now called the Islander.

I hope this helps.


PS: A picture of L.R. Beattie himself hangs on our wall of fame in our office. It was on the boat when I bought it. It shows him on one of the old boats in dress uniform.

By the way........the Beattie was a great boat!!!!!!!!!


June 19, 2008

It is with great sadness, that I inform you that Alton Boyd passed away in NC on May 13,2008. His step-daughter stated he was 81 years-old and passed away quickly after his prostate cancer returned this spring. She stated that the many cards he received over the past few months were both appreciated and enjoyed by Alvie.

We were so looking forward to sending him a card signed by all of us at our next reunion, but instead we will have to make a lemonade and/or gin toast to him and hope he's watching and smiling over all of us!

Karen All rights reserved.