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Its Showtime, please be seated and enjoy the Bob-Lo Nightmare commercial from the old Crew Reunion site as well as other clips from Channel 7, Faygo and other Bob-Lo commercials and related videos.

As Nightmare 

As Myan Mindbender As Hornet
  Vekoma   Carl D Ragan   Rik Engelen
The Nightmare was an enclosed steel roller coaster that operated from 1988 until 1993. The coaster was a Custom MK-700 model was designed by Vekona and  had a height of 28 feet and 1148 feet in length.
Asto World Ride description "The ride originally debuted at Bob-Lo Island as Nightmare. When that park closed, it was relocated to Six Flags AstroWorld and renamed Mayan Mindbender. The Mayan Mindbender was an indoor ride themed to a pyramid structure." "After Astroworld closed at the end of the 2005 season, the ride moved again to Wonderland Park in Amarillo, Texas, where it reopened in 2009 as Hornet.


Wonderland Park  description "The Hornet was purchased through Rides 4-U and came from Houston's Astro World. Wonderland completely refurbished the ride in-house. The Hornet was originally called the Mayan Mindbender by Astro World and was enclosed in a building.Wonderland needed a family coaster and had been searching for one a long time. The Hornet was the perfect fit."
Note Wonderland mentions nothing about the ride originally being located at Bob-Lo Island Amusement Park..

Here is the rare Bob-Lo Island "Nightmare" commercial that has not been seen since 1988. Although it is short we hope you enjoy the clip. (we're still hoping to locate the for the 30 second clip that went with it)
Take Someone You Love to Bob-Lo Island

80's Bob-Lo Commercial (Let's Twist Again) Chubby Checker

Channel 7 Stand up and Tell Em' Your From Detroit - 60 sec. clip. Watch for the Bob-Lo Boat in this one.

Channel 7 Stand up and Tell Em' Your From Detroit  - multiple clips. Coleman Young, Bill Bonds, Jack Kelly, Marilyn Turner and others.

The Faygo Boat Song featuring the Great Gildersleeves All rights Reserved