Mr. Lee's Tribute to Howard


I put together this collection of musical clips in an mp3 file from my Bob-Lo Boat Music Archive. These were songs that Howard played while he was a DJ on the Bob-Lo Boats. At the end of the mp3 I have created a Masters Salute from the actual steam whistle sound files. Howard I hope you approve, your old Bob-Lo friend Mr. Lee.

Karen's Tribute to Howard

This page is a tribute to Howard F. Wright III. Howard was the last head D.J. on the Detroit Bob-Lo Boats from 1984-1991. For eight years, Howard entertained thousands of passengers every day for the 90 min. boat ride to & from Bob-Lo Island. Not an easy position to have on the boats, considering his audience ranged from toddlers to senior citizens! However, rather he was playing a top 40 playlist, classic artists like Bob Segar or Chubby Checker or timeless songs like the “Hokey Pokey,” & “The Chicken Dance,” the dance floor was always full with all age groups having a great time & trip! His booming D.J. voice & contagious laugh also entertained the passengers & crew alike!

Although Howard & I were different in our ages, lives & interests, we crossed paths again in the early spring of 2007. We reunited for our common love & interest of the time we worked together on the Bob-Lo boats & wanted to share those summer days again with others that had experienced them too! So, that summer we began our Bob-Lo reunions. Planning & executing these gatherings weren’t always easy or stress-free, but they always came together & brought us so much fun & happiness!!

We had a lot of genuine love, encouragement & help along the way, but the (1) person who always remained the same in this process for me, was Howard. Howard hosted this website since the beginning & once he retired in 2011, he also maintained & redesigned the website as well. He was the official photographer of our group & would always share his & other’s photos on this website. Then, when we gathered, he would take the microphone once again to welcome, lead & entertain us for the afternoon!

Sadly, Howard won’t be hosting or maintaining our website now, nor will he be taking our picture or the microphone again. He expectantly passed away in July (2013). It appears I may have been the last person to have a conversation with him before he passed. The irony of that conversation was that we were discussing our next gathering options, this website & the beautiful river view from his apartment balcony. The fact that I took his phone call that afternoon, let alone that I got to hear his deep voice & contagious laugh while talking about Bob-Lo & the water will be a conversation I will treasure forever!

Mr. Lee will now be hosting & managing this website. Lee has always been a loyal & respected Bob-Lo friend to Howard & I. I know Howard wasn’t expecting to leave us, but I have no doubt that Lee’s immediate & gracious offer to carry on Howard’s work here was Howard’s wish & doing!!

R.I.P. Howard, you have left us in the best & capable hands besides your own! We will miss you & cannot thank you enough for your friendship, laughs & all you have done for our Bob-Lo Reunion group, since we began!!!!! At our next gathering, I have a feeling a “Hokey Pokey,” dance will need to be done in your honor. However, for now a Master Salute of 3 long & 2 short steamship’s whistle blows are being sent your way!

Karen Clement-Winkler All rights reserved.